Returns Policy

Customer Return Stock 
This comprises of merchandise returned to the SOURCE COMPANY* as being faulty or defective in some way which for any reason cannot be returned to the original manufacturer. Also merchandise which has suffered from accidental damage within the SOURCE COMPANY’S distribution system, the merchandise may be damaged or it may simply be packaging damage. Part or incomplete items include multipart merchandise where one or more components is missing. In general this category will include both damaged and perfect stock, no guarantee as to the breakdown of damage and perfect stock whether expressed or implied by law will attach to any such sale.  1 (a) that the name of any source company or of any associated firm or company will not be used in connection with the resale of merchandise. 
(b) that the name of any source company or of any associated firm or company or any trader mark belonging to any such firm or company will be removed by THE PURCHASER from the merchandise or marked in accordance with Wicked Wholesale UK instructions prior to resale. 
(c) that on no occasion will any catalogue or other promotional literature belonging to any source company or its associated firms and companies be used in any way whatsoever in connection with the resale of the merchandise. 
(d) that all the MERCHANDISE sold to THE PURCHASER thereunder is sold without guarantee as to fitness for purpose and on the understanding that the purchaser will ensure that the goods are made safe and serviceable before re-sale. No warranty whether expressed or implied by law will attach to any such sale. It is the prerogative of a purchaser to inspect the merchandise offered for sale. Wicked Wholsale UK will assume that such an inspection has been made. Arrangement to inspect can be made with appropriate warehouse staff. 
(e) THE PURCHASER will indemnify Wicked Wholsale Uk from and against any claims whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly from the resale of THE MERCHANDISE by THE PURCHASER 
(f) no returns will be accepted from the purchaser, and no credit will be allowed for previously undiscovered defects, discrepancies in description or in quoted quantities. 
(g) no statement made by any person as to the quality or condition of any merchandise on offer is to relied upon for the purpose of making an offer to purchase. 
(h) All stock is sold “ex warehouse” Wicked Wholsale UK Staff will provide assistance to load stock if required. Collection costs and arrangements are the responsibility of the purchaser. (i) Any customer returning goods to any retail outlet of a SOURCE COMPANY in order to obtain a full refund will be liable for criminal prosecution by the SOURCE COMPANY. 
(a) TOYS.   Toys must be accompanied by a CE mark and the name and address of the EUROPEAN company responsible for the mark. Toys containing small parts as defined in BS 5665 must carry the statutory warning ie NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEAR. Plastic bags containing toys must be over 38 microns thick and should carry a child warning label. Toys should not be sold until the following checks have been carried out. Completeness of toy to enable safe assembly including instructions as necessary. Ensure that there are no sharp points or edges and that internal components are not exposed other than functional parts. Toys using low voltage mains power adapters are checked to British Standard 3456 before resale. It is fundamental to the conditions of sale that checks are carried out and that they are satisfactory PRIOR TO RESALE. 
(b) AUDIO 
Merchandise is sold on the basis that it is repaired or reconditioned as necessary PRIOR TO RESALE . Safety tests complying with BS415 must be carried out on merchandise and any remedial work completed BEFORE IT IS OFFERED FOR RESALE.  
3. Title The title to each of the items or goods covered by this invoice is not legally transferred until complete payment has been made to Wicked Wholesale Uk.  
 SOURCE COMPANY : A source company is designated as the company originally retailing stock to the general public.
Removal of Catalogue numbers 
It is a standard requirement of supply that all traders adhere to the rules and regulations laid out below. These rules form an addition to our standard Terms & Conditions laid out on our Invoice.

All Catalogue Numbers or markings must be either crossed out with a permanent marker or obliterated from any and all cartons before re-sale

On no occasion will any catalogue or other promotional literature belonging to any catalogue or high street store be used in connection with the re-sale of any item, or be in view of or be left unattended in a public place where stocks are being sold by the trader or anybody acting on his behalf

There must be no use of the catalogues name or associated companies in any form for any reason in connection with the re-sale of stock.

Returns are only accepted if goods are ‘not as described’ – we do not accept returns on catalogue returns or B Grade goods if the reason is the condition of the goods – You are buying returns and will receive damaged items within parcels. If you have a problem with any delivery you must notify us by phone or e-mail within 48 hours or receipt of your goods. 
We will only accept goods back if they are returned in the original packing, complete as sent in quality and quantity and are sent via secure or insured delivery service which requires a signature at the time of delivery. We do not refund for your shipping charges out or for the return unless we have made the error on the original supply of goods.
In all cases you must contact us before any return is made and we have agreed to accept the goods. Once agreed we will give you a return reference and / or name of a reputable shipper or courier who can help with the return. Once a return is agreed you have 7 days to complete the process. After this time we reserve the right to refuse the goods. You may also be subject to a handling charge to cover our expense in re-stocking the item, this will of course depend on the circumstances or reason for return